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Wine accessories… Do you really need them?

Wine accessories range from fun and cute to practical and crazy expensive. But, do we really need them? (Answer: Yes!). I have to admit, I don’t purchase a lot of wine stoppers. I also have limited space and storage, so I simply can’t buy bulky kitchen gadgets. However, if you invest in a bottle of wine or champagne, and need to cork it until the next day, a quality bottle stopper is truly a money saver.

I happened to get lucky enough to win one of Avina’s bottle stoppers, and was excited to try it out. Per their website:

“Strong Leak-Proof Sparkling Wine Preserver – Keeps The Fizz In Your Bubbly & Safe For Sideways Bottle Storage – Suitable Sealer For Prosecco, Cava, Wine”

The Avina Premium Champagne (or in my case, Cava) Stopper. For size comparison, I’ve added the box it came in and the cork, cage, and cute cat figurine.

It worked perfectly. It also immediately became my new favorite stopper, and here’s why:

  1. It works. Does not leak and kept my Cava perfectly bubbly the next day.
  2. Sleek, clean design of black/chrome and had a quality weight/feel to it.
  3. It’s not overpriced. At $14.99 they even include a lifetime warranty (on Amazon for only $9.99).
  4. It works on more than just champagne bottles. It’s labeled online as a Premium Champagne Stopper, but the packaging states it’s a Champagne & Wine Stopper. So, I tried it on a bottle of screwcap rosé and it worked just as well. It’s supposed to work with about 90% of bottles, so I’ll keep trying it out on others, but so far so good!

Of course I tested it before I put it in the refrigerator! No one likes cleaning up spills in the frig!


This stopper saved the cava bubbles (carbon dioxide) so well, when I opened it several hours later, it popped off like the original cork! Good thing it’s made so well because it flew right onto the ceramic tile. So, be careful, and open your champagne/sparkling wine properly to avoid injury. Next time I will cautiously remove the Avina stopper just like I would with the original cork.

I’ve added links, so you can check out Avina’s other wine tools/accessories. They have some great corkscrew openers named Falcon, Barracuda, and Jaguar. I love the Falcon. Reminds me of an old-school switchblade Fonzie would’ve carried… but instead of a knife, it would’ve been a comb. Or in this case, a cool wine opener.

“Heyyy.” ~The Fonz

Highly recommend this stopper! Leak proof!



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