Santa Cristina

This bottle of Santa Cristina was given to me by my sister’s in-laws last year, during the holidays. It’s a decent red, made from a blend


January was a Rapscallion.

January flew by, didn’t it? With so many alternative facts lurking around this busy, nonsensical month, I’ve been thankful for the distraction and happiness that comes in the form of a (good) bottle of wine (or two). While there were plenty of wines to choose from, I’ve decided on two

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Uncorking the Caucasus

While reading this book, I learned that Kalecik Karasi (“kah-le-jeek kah-rah-suh”) is a red wine grape variety native to central Turkey. It also sounds like a bottle Daenerys Targaryen would demand. Per the authors, this wine “exhibits great potential, but for some reason, the current wines made from it often


League of Rogues, We Olive, and Ocean Air

This past weekend I was back in sunny, Southern California and just happened to be walking distance from We Olive in La Jolla (which is a good thing because parking is nearly impossible!).  I know We Olive is a franchise, but there’s something special about the one on 1158 Prospect

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Bernardus Pinot Noir & Friends…

The first weekend of October has brought cooler weather, cute little pumpkins to buy, and a visit by our good friend (and old neighbor from San Diego) Justin!  He’s an excellent food photographer, Freelance Web Designer, and cook (see his website, for gorgeous food/recipe photos & via Twitter @spskillet).

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Olfactory: The Nose Knows…

I participated in my first olfactory tasting class this week.  It was offered through Carlson Creek Vineyards, a family owned and operated winery out of Willcox, Arizona (the majority of Arizona grapes are grown in Willcox, about one hour east of Tucson).  The class was taught by Robert Carlson, the head


Yay For Cabernet Day!

If I hadn’t joined Twitter to connect and learn from all the other wine lovers, I more than likely wouldn’t have known about Cabernet Day (it seems every day is a designated day for something/anything!).  Who came up with this?  Per my extensive online research (Wine Folly’s site came up

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I read Vertical this week, the sequel to Sideways, written by Miles Rex Pickett.  It’s a must read if you loved Sideways, love books and love wine Pinot Noir.  The book, 382 pages short, read quickly and I couldn’t help but instantly visualize Paul Giamatti & Thomas Haden Church’s characters/voices, playing like






The state or situation of being alone.

Pablo Picasso was obviously a genius.  Solitude is not only necessary at times, it’s essential for writing (and all things sanity related).  Just as I downloaded the quote above, I’ve been interrupted three times which took my attention away from this masterpiece of a

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Salerno Wine Tasting & Cheers…

While spending some time with friends in South Park, we decided to visit Salerno Winery (nestled in the hills of Ramona Valley, California, about a 45 minute drive NE of San Diego).   It was an easy, quick day drive to Salerno, considering it was on a Friday, before a holiday


Red Wine Lips & Other Dental Tips…

All red wine lovers have either experienced the attractive red wine lip stain themselves (or as it’s commonly called:  Wine Mouth) or they’ve had the pleasure of staring at someone else’s/not being able to look away.  It happens to the best of us and is right up there with “you’ve