Have you ever opened a bottle of red wine, dimmed the lights, and nestled into the couch to watch a movie—only to eventually pour that last


Canned Wine

Recently, Elizabeth from @TravelWineChick sent me a link to an article titled, “Canned Wine Sales Up 43% in America”. Even though I can clearly see how this alternative packaging would be ideal in many situations (campsites or beaches where glass isn’t allowed, etc.) I was still surprised by how popular


Tifeo’s heart beats under Mount Etna

What can I say about this bottle… I loved it before I even tried it. My beautiful sister-in-law, Marzi, and her husband Darek sent us a surprise shipment when they were visiting Italy (so nice!). They were already back home in Poland before the loot arrived in Arizona, and into


Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde (“veeng-yo vaird”) is a region in northern Portugal, known for it’s lush green landscape as well as its young, bright wines. This 2016 from Aveleda is a blend of the native wine grape varieties, Loureiro, Trajadure, Arinto, and Azal.
“Some say the designation “Verde” (green) owes its origin to


Le Prieuré Lebanese Red

Red Blend from Lebanon.
Château Ksara, Lebanon’s oldest and most visited winery, dates back to 1857. Jesuit monks began farming grapes, producing Lebanon’s first dry wine. In 1898, the discovery of caves provided a natural, humid wine cellar, which maintains a constant temperature of ~56°F. The story is that a fox


The Widow Devienne

There’s limited information to be found about where or who exactly produces this label. Per the importer Cannon Wines Limited, we do know The Widow Devienne gave her family name to this budget and palate friendly sparkling wine.
“Winegrowing in France is most often a family operation in vineyards and
winery, frequently


Three Brooms

Three Brooms is a single vineyard, 100% Sauvignon Blanc from Barker’s Marque Wines. It’s pale, ultra-clear lemon in the glass with a round, medium body. First sip: I’m thinking hmm, this is nice… it’s bright, crisp, nice acidity. There’s a dry, lemon/grapefruit mineral fusion with hints of soft, ripe peach.



Traminac is the same grape variety as Gewürztraminer. In Croatia, it’s called Traminac (“trahm-ee-nahts”), where just like German Rieslings or Gewürztraminers, it can be made into a dry or sweet version. This 2015 from Kutjevo Winery, located in the Slavonia region of Croatia, is completely dry—but, the fragrant aromas and

Croatian Wine,

Stagnum Plavac Mali

The 2006 Miloš Stagnum is full-bodied, hearty, with boastful tannins.
The Stagnum label is their premium wine, produced from 30 year old vines. Winemaking and grape growing in Ponikve, on the Peljesac peninsula in Croatia, has been in the Miloš family winery for generations. Per their website, they base their wine production on the autochthonous (indigenous;


Crux Sauvignon Blanc

Crux (“Cruhx”) winery is owned by Brian Callahan and Steven Gower. They source grapes from their own vineyards, as well as other sites in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley—all farmed using sustainable, earth, and environment friendly practices. If you visit their Instagram page @cruxwinery, you’ll also see they’re just as passionate