In Good Hands…

I chose to write about Schild Estate’s 2012 Shiraz because the image of these hard-working hands resonated with me. Hands that are strong, for sure sore






The state or situation of being alone.

Pablo Picasso was obviously a genius.  Solitude is not only necessary at times, it’s essential for writing (and all things sanity related).  Just as I downloaded the quote above, I’ve been interrupted three times which took my attention away from this masterpiece of a

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Salerno Wine Tasting & Cheers…

While spending some time with friends in South Park, we decided to visit Salerno Winery (nestled in the hills of Ramona Valley, California, about a 45 minute drive NE of San Diego).   It was an easy, quick day drive to Salerno, considering it was on a Friday, before a holiday


Juan Gil Monastrell

Spanish Wine = Excellent Value

Juan Gil is one of several wine brands produced by the Gil Family, four generations of wine makers, dating back to 1916 (see my previous post about Honoro Vera, a Garnacha also named to represent their family in the business). This 2013, silver label, Jumilla red


Honoro Vera Garnacha & WVR

Honoro Vera is a humbly priced Garnacha, produced by Bodegas Ateca (fourth generation of the Gil Family), in the Calatayud region of Spain.  Per Maria (their awesome Export contact, who was  kind enough to email me back & forth) the names of their wines represents their family.  Vera is the


Dracaena Cabernet Franc

I found this delightful bottle, made by Lori & Michael at Dracaena Wines (Paso Robles, CA), via Twitter of all places.  I was, and still am at times, a reluctant social media participant.  I decided to open a Twitter account when I began this red wine blog, primarily for fun,


Love at first wine…

I enjoy reading wine articles and blog posts as much as writing them.  I’m always learning something new, finding new wines to try, winemakers to support, and fascinated by personal wine stories.  I recently ordered a few bottles of Cabernet Franc from Dracaena Wines (I’ll be writing about this ’13


Box Wine?

Box wine (boxed/cask wine) has been around for decades, but recently there’s been a buzz surrounding this somewhat taboo form of wine container.  Is it making a comeback?  Was it ever popular?  I was initially against it, could barely make eye contact.  First of all, let’s talk aesthetics:  it’s a


The Ultimate (Hot) Wine Run

Well, I did it.  I ran (speed walked/jogged) the 5k Ultimate Wine Run in HOT, HOT Phoenix yesterday.  The event began with just a soupçon of panic, as I am not a conditioned runner, nor will I ever be conditioned for the Arizona sun, which leads to the question:  Shouldn’t


Red Wine for the Novice & Other Notes…

You want to learn more about (red) wine.  You’re at your keyboard (or phone) searching for “red wine basics.”  There’s almost too many sites to choose from.  For the novice beginner (& even for someone like me… there’s so much information, I’m always learning something new!) it can be overwhelming. 


A Jammy Zin…

Happy April everyone!  Don’t you just love Spring?  And wine?  I can’t say I’ve always loved Zinfandel, but I hadn’t tasted one for quite some time and this 2013 California Zinfandel by Joel Gott ($16 range) was a reminder of how pleasant they can be.  We’ve been saturating our taste