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Mettler Family Vineyards

Mettler Family Vineyards, Straight Outta Lodi

Considering themselves farmers first, the Mettler family is a hands-on winery, personally managing the entire process — from growing grapes, harvesting,


Berryessa Gap

Berryessa Gap Winery hails from Winters, California. I hate to admit I hadn’t heard of Winters or Yolo County? And being so close to Napa and Sonoma? They’re currently in the process of establishing the Winters California AVA (“Approved Viticulture Area”), and I’m looking forward to trying more from this

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Kin & Cascadia

Kin & Cascadia is a partnership founded by the Sager & Master families. From the label: “We are brothers, fathers, sons, and friends; true kin. This is a story decades in the making, starting as industry acquaintances turned partners and lifelong friends. We are now a second generation family partnership


Santa Julia canned wine is here for you, outdoorsy people.

Santa Julia’s canned wines aren’t just for outdoorsy people.
It’s early Spring, and we’ve already felt temperatures in the 80’s here in Arizona. Ugh, summer is coming… dread, dread, dread. Warmer weather does inspire people to do more outdoorsy things. Camping, hiking, beach volleyball, and poolside basking in the sun—all activities

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Montagu & Silver Ghost

Montagu = Hauntingly Good Wine
Founder and winemaker Weston Eidson has quite the family history. He began Montagu Wines in 2012 as a tribute his great-grandfather John, the second Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. Beaulieu (“Bew-lee”) is a village in Hampshire, England, and home to The Palace House (Noble House of Montagu)—which


Marriage of Wine

Marriage of Wine

Jason and Janu Goelz are the husband and wife team behind Alara Cellars and Jason Stephens Winery. Along with both of these great labels, they also own The Silicon Valley Wine Company (SVWC), and produce the “Tech Series” labels (ONES and ZEROS and Pixelated).

While I look forward to

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Moscato Zabaglione

Moscato is dessert in a glass.
I recently received this sample bottle of Moscato along with a simple, sweet Zabaglione dessert recipe. Since I don’t drink sweet wine often, I wanted to learn more about this sugar-forward beverage (which so many people love!). The Muscat Blanc grape, just like other wine

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Steele Wines

Steele, the man behind the name and even better middle name.
When you visit Steele Winery’s website, under “The Winery” tab, there’s a pull down menu with a link to “Meet Jed”. Even though he’s been in the wine business for 50 years, you immediately get the feel he’s just as humble

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Crux 2014 GSM.
Describing the wine’s dark fruit, the full body, the balance… it just wouldn’t do this bottle justice. Instead, I invite you to dust off that vintage briar wood tobacco pipe. Light a fire. No, not gas, a real fire. Mesquite. Push the logs around, get it going. Now,


Dawn’s Dream

Dawn’s Dream.
Dawn’s Dream is an elegant rosé made of Pinot Noir. While the label may entice you to spoil yourself by taking an indulgent bubble bath with a glass of dreamy wine, the true message is all about giving back.

Giving back.
Dawn Galante, Proprietor and COO of Dawn’s Dream Winery, has

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Priorat, T’estimo Molt!

Priorat, I do love you. 
And, I miss you. Your wine was soul hugging. Your rolling green hills, with perfectly terraced vineyards was like driving through a painting… and, I wanted to stay forever (except for the summer, which I hear gets ridiculously hot).

Taking the C-32 from Barcelona to Falset (so Californians),