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Stagnum Plavac Mali

The 2006 Miloš Stagnum is full-bodied, hearty, with boastful tannins.
The Stagnum label is their premium wine, produced from 30 year old vines. Winemaking and grape growing in Ponikve,


Crux SVB & Wine Chat

Crux (“Cruhx”) winery is owned by Brian Callahan and Steven Gower. They source grapes from their own vineyards, as well as other sites in Sonoma County’s Russian

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This Book Makes Me Miss Santa Barbara

Those who know me, know I love wine and books. I also happen to love Santa Barbara. Who doesn’t though? It’s so beautiful! I’ve only visited a handful of times, but with each visit, I sigh… “Why don’t I live here?”

I decided to share a few of my old photos,


In Good Hands…

I chose to write about Schild Estate’s 2012 Shiraz because the image of these hard-working hands resonated with me. Hands that are strong, for sure sore and achy at times, strained from years of hard work. They’ve probably been cut, too many times to count, and healed quickly without fuss.


Drink Zin, Avoid Hantavirus

Rapscallion to the rescue!
This month has been busy. And, I’ve spent quite a few days up in a little mountain town in northern Arizona with my mom. This is always a good thing—I love spending time & helping out my mom. However, being in a wooded area, and it being


Easter Wine

It’s already Easter and I’m way behind on these very important and informative wine blog posts! I hope I’m not too late with my Easter wine recommendation!? As far as pairings go, I realize many of you will be eating delicious, traditional meals involving some sort of carved ham (maybe


Santa Cristina

 A Special Wine…
This bottle of Santa Cristina was given to me by my sister’s in-laws last year, during the holidays. It’s made from a blend of Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese, and Cabernet. And, you can find it just about anywhere: Total Wine, local grocery stores, online, etc., in the $9.99 to


‘Cause I gotta have faith…

This post is inspired by the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC31), managed by Jeff @ The Drunken Cyclist. Check out his site for more (better) wine blog reading & links to previous entries. This month’s theme, Faith, was chosen by last month’s winner: Allison, of OkieWineGirl!

Faith. Let’s start with the basics.


Rapscallion & Rune

January flew by, didn’t it? With so many alternative facts lurking around this busy, nonsensical month, I’ve been thankful for the distraction and happiness that comes in the form of a (good) bottle of wine (or two). While there were plenty of wines to choose from, I’ve decided on two


Uncorking the Caucasus

Wine books are more than just reading about wine.
While reading this book, I learned that Kalecik Karasi (“kah-le-jeek kah-rah-suh”) is a red wine grape variety native to central Turkey. It also sounds like a bottle Daenerys Targaryen would demand. Per the authors, this wine “exhibits great potential, but for some


League of Rogues, We Olive, and Ocean Air

This past weekend I was back in sunny, Southern California and just happened to be walking distance from We Olive in La Jolla (which is a good thing because parking is nearly impossible!).  I know We Olive is a franchise, but there’s something special about the one on 1158 Prospect


Champagne Novice

As a red wine enthusiast, I rarely drink the bubbly, so this post will be for everyone like me—the ones who randomly grab a bottle for special occasions, classic New Year’s Eve toasts, and made mimosas out of the mass-produced, inexpensive bottles (nothing wrong with that).
There’s always something new to