Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde (“veeng-yo vaird) is a region in northern Portugal, known for it’s lush green landscape as well as its young, bright wines. This 2016 from Aveleda is a blend of the native wine grape varieties, Loureiro, Trajadure, Arinto, and Azal.

“Some say the designation “Verde” (green) owes its origin to the wine’s acidity and freshness, resembling unripe (green) fruit. Others affirm that “Verde” comes from the region’s vegetation, which imparts a green tone to the soil, even in winter.” ~Wines of Portugal

When I think of young white wines with high acidity, I can’t help but think “this is going to be super tart.” I should realize by now that wines can be surprising (both good and bad surprises;) and let go of those hard-wired assumptions. It limits our experiences and can prevent us from being open to trying new things!

High acidity doesn’t always mean too tart or sour.

It’s actually quite pleasant on the palate, with a overall nice balance. The touch of added carbonation gives it a refreshing quality, especially now that it’s officially HOT in Arizona.

I’m impartial to screwcap wines & they are in no way inferior to corked wine. Speaking of… you’ll never get a “corked” wine with a screwcap! Plus, let’s be honest here, they’re super convenient and easy to open!

The Aveleda 2016 Vinho Verde tastes above its $10 price range and it certainly doesn’t taste cheap. Almost everyone would enjoy this. It’s not too sweet, tart, or dry. Although it’s not considered a sparkling wine or even semi-sparkling, I can see it being used in place of champagne as an apéritif for casual get-togethers—maybe with some fresh toasted bread and goat cheese! With 9.5% alcohol, it’s nice and light compared to the average 12.2% in champagne. Naturally, you’d want to follow this up with a big, earthy bottle of red with dinner…

Cats and wine. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?



*I received this bottle for review from the lovelies at Silesia Brands—the Arizona distributors. You can find this many places in AZ, and I plan to stock up on a few bottles for the summer, especially at this price! All wine reviews/opinions are my own.



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