Salacious Indeed…

If you need to make a quick, pit stop in Paso Robles, I highly recommend popping into Asuncion Ridgeespecially if you are on a road trip with childrenthere’s a pizza place next door & a park right across the street. The tasting room is right downtown, making it almost too convenient to stop in for a tasting. We had family visiting from Poland this month, so it’s been busy (& we’ve consumed quite a lot of wine). Salacious, a GSM blend of 55% Grenache, 29% Syrah, & 16% Mourvedre, was one of the standout wines we enjoyed. From the first sip, straight from the bottle, with no decanting, we all gave a collective “Mmm… this is goood.”

Downtown City Park, right across from the tasting room.

The Asuncion Ridge tasting room is one of 17 small production, boutique tasting rooms located in cute, downtown Paso. It’s right across the street from the pretty, Downtown City Park, with restaurants & shopping all within easy walking distance; super convenient stop for wine lovers traveling with little ones.

Lovely blend…

I know there are a ton of interesting, fantastic wines in Paso Robles. Asuncion Ridge happened to be a convenient stop, which turned out to be a perfect location for everyone, and happened to have excellent wine. While their Viognier & Pinot Noir were also outstanding, the Salacious was a collective favorite. It had a full body but wasn’t too heavy or saturating. Lots of ripe, almost burnt fruit; raspberry, black cherry, all hugged by a hint of pepper & cola. There was a subtle earthiness to it, with velvety tannins, and an overall balanced taste & texture. You’d never know it was 15.1%, it wasn’t overly jammy like some higher alcohol reds (e.g. big, Barossa Shiraz). Definitely one of the better GSM blends I’ve tried. Cheers!

Unfortunately, I had to share the only bottle of Salacious we purchased… 😉 #WineProblems





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wonderful post! Yeah #paso! I adore our little downtown park!



I’d like to take more time exploring next visit & if you’re in town, I’d love to meet you in person! Cheers!


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