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Milbrandt Rosé + Wasabi Crusted Scallops

Milbrandt Rosé

The 2018 Milbrandt Rosé ($15) is a Syrah driven, happily priced rosé from Milbrandt Winery in Colombia Valley, Washington. Medium-bodied, with an almost oily texture, notes of watermelon rind, apricot, green herbs, and cranberry all come together with pleasant salinity. Peach aromas, lingering finish, a mellow 12.5% ABV, and an accompanying wasabi crusted scallop recipe make this such a fun, easy-drinking wine. Awarded 92 Points at the San Diego International Wine Competition and Best Buy via Wine Enthusiast.

Wine for Charity

Milbrandt Winery currently has a contest going on. “The Bottle Your Charity Video & Photo Contest” will end in a little over a month, but don’t delay, as the votes are already coming in! Just visit their website and you can see who has already submitted videos and how many votes they have. It’s for a good cause!

Butch Milbrandt wants to bottle up to 700 cases of Sparkling Rosé in honor of YOU and your favorite charity. Milbrandt Vineyards sells the wine, and then makes a donotion to your favorite charity, with a wine release party thrown in your honor!

73% Syrah, 27% Tempranillo, 100% Delicious and Budget-Friendly

The Milbrandt family has ~3,500 acres of vines planted in the Wahluke Slope, The Ancient Lakes of the Columbia Valley, and Columbia Valley appellations. Founded in 1997, they have three tasting rooms and produce several varietals—from a sweet Riesling, to an Estate Malbec (Note to self: Fly to Washington and visit all of their tasting rooms). Their winemaker, Kendall Mix, has worked with some of Washington’s largest producers, including Chateau Ste. Michelle.

Butch & Lisa Milbrandt (photo credit:

Wasabi Crusted Scallops

When purchasing and/or enjoying a bottle of wine, do you regularly read the back label? If not, you should! You’ll find all sorts of interesting information, just like the pairing recommendation on the back of this rosé!

On the back label:  “Pair this rosé with Butch Milbrandt’s “Spice Up Your Love” Wasabi Crusted Scallops.”

I tried… mine don’t look as appetizing as Butch’s. Plus, all of my “house made” panko stuck to the pan.

I hadn’t eaten scallops (very rarely touch wasabi anything… it just singes the nostrils) in a long time, but this just sounded like a perfect reason to try a new, quick recipe. I basically followed Butch’s recipe, except instead of using clarified butter, I had planned to use the unsalted, organic butter I had in the frig, but ended up forgetting about the butter. I use butter as much as I use wasabi (#veryrarely), so out of habit, I used olive oil. Also, I didn’t want to buy Panko crumbs, so I just made my own with the leftover baguette I had from the other night. Unfortunately, all of my “house made panko” stuck to the bottom of my iron skillet. Oh well… I loved this pairing and their video recipe! (See at end of post!)

Ingredients for the ginger lime aioli (fresh ginger would be better than powdered;)

If you haven’t watched Butch and Lisa Milbrandt’s video, “Pair This” Wasabi Crusted Scallops recipe, you should! The scallop recipe is great, and easy to make, but the banter between them about the making of the bed and counting pillows stole the show. Loved it!

“I do all of the grocery shopping and cooking at our home,” he says sheepishly. “It is my daily down time, my escape from reality.” ~Butch

Thanks to the #PinkSociety (find them on Twitter & Instagram: @thepinksociety_) and Milbrandt Winery for the beautiful bottle of #rosé and recipe inspiration! Cheers!

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