The Boxer

The Boxer, a delicious Shiraz from Mollydooker wines, is one of those wines associated with happy memories. It’s also one of my all time favorites. I stumbled upon my first bottle in 2009 and just purchased  the 2013 from a local wine shop while in Payson, Arizona. Who knew I’d find this Australian gem in a tiny Northern Arizona mountain town!


Deep, beautiful purple ink in the glass

My first reaction to this wine went something like this: “Oh, this is good… I’ve never had a shiraz this chewy.” Yes, it’s dense, full-bodied, and opaque in the glass. Aged in American oak, it’s fruit forward and silky smooth. To reduce added sulfites, they use nitrogen where they can, hence the “Mollydooker Shake“. Giving their young wines a shake releases the nitrogen and makes flavors pop. Try a small pour prior to shaking and recap. Shake and try again! It’s different from aerating and really makes a difference. And, I’m all about consuming minimal sulfites!


The Boxer is a big boy, at 16% alcohol. But, you’d never know it!

Mollydooker, as you may already know, means “left hander” in Aussie. The owners, Sarah & Sparky are both left handed (So am I! We have so much in common!) and their wines and happy website will make you smile. I could go on and on, but you can read their story here.

This is one of those wines everyone will like, even your family members who “don’t like red wine.” A nice bottle to bring to your foodie neighbor’s BBQ or just lightly shake, twist off the cap and enjoy while binge watching you favorite show on a Tuesday.


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