Three Brooms

Three Brooms.

Three Brooms is a single vineyard, 100% Sauvignon Blanc from Barker’s Marque Wines. It’s pale, ultra-clear lemon in the glass with a round, medium body. First sip I’m thinking hmm, this is nice… it’s bright, crisp, with nice acidity. There’s a dry, lemon and grapefruit mineral fusion with hints of soft, ripe peach. Second sip: And, I’m in New Zealand at the Muritai Vineyard (meaning “Sea Breeze”). I’m standing just about a half mile from the sea and there’s a strong summer breeze. Beneath my feet, under the soil and aromas of fresh cut grass, are a base of gravel and clay.

Suffer from ophidiophobia and love Sauvignon Blanc? Consider moving to New Zealand.

You don’t have to worry about snakes out in the vineyard, because New Zealand has no snakes. Did you know that? There are several species of lizards but zero snakes. An ophidiophobia’s utopia! So, back to me at daydreaming about being at their Sea Breeze vineyard… While the wind makes their vines less prone to disease, I’m not a fan of crazy wind, risking particles flying into my eyes or glass of wineso, I dart to the tasting room for shelter and essential refill of this refreshing, Sauvignon Blanc (“saw-veen-yawn blonk”).

Sauvignon Blanc is also known as Fumé Blanc

Ok, so I’ve never been to this vineyard, or New Zealand (I plan to!) Confession: This photo was taken in my back yard. But, what better way to travel vicariously & learn about new places than through their wine?

Suitable for vegans.

For this 2017 vintage, they kept fermentation temperatures down as low as possible and they didn’t have to use gelatin; making it suitable for vegans. Gelatin (same ingredient as your childhood treat of artificially colored Jell-O) is an animal product commonly used in the fining process of wine making. In addition to this vintage being vegan, their vineyard, winery, and bottling are also all certified sustainable!

“We judge ourselves more by the honesty of our wines than the accolades we earn.” ~ Barker’s Marque Wines

If you’re one who chooses wines based on points, this one was awarded 90 by Wine Spectator. They also featured this bottle as “Wine of the Week” on May 7th. It has a screwcap closure and is conveniently easy to open. With an average price of $16, it’s one I plan on buying and keeping on hand for the summer.

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*While I was given a sample for review by Silesia Brands, all notes/opinions are my own. For more information about this wine, and wine geek facts, here’s a link to the Winemaker’s Notes.






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