Traminac is the same grape variety as Gewürztraminer.

In Croatia, it’s called Traminac (“trahm-ee-nahts”), where just like German Rieslings or Gewürztraminers, it can be made into a dry or sweet version. This 2015 from Kutjevo Winery, located in the Slavonia region of Croatia, is completely dry—but, the fragrant aromas and floral notes lead to a wonderful fruitiness disguised as subtle sweetness.

Pretty, clear, golden yellow in the glass. Serve chilled.

This bottle reminded me of a round, smooth Chardonnay I had recently. The acidity is present, but not sharp. Round body with perfectly ripened stone fruit and white flowers. The aromas are sneaky. They’re so pretty and aromatic, they enter the nose and try to convince the taste buds there’s a subtle sweetness; even though the brain knows it’s dry, with no residual sugar present. Just tricky, pretty delicate flowers and peach.

Gewürztraminer, the noble white wine grape, is called Traminac/Traminer in Croatia.

I was expecting a lot of acidity and tartness when I opened up this screw cap bottle (which was so tight, I had to break out a wrench to open) but was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it was.

Professor Tuds also enjoyed the olfactory charms of this aromatic Traminac…

If you live in the Phoenix area, stop by Hidden Track Bottle Shop downtown and pick up a bottle or two! Silesia Brands (Silesia is a region in Europe, located mostly in Poland, with small areas of Czech Republic and Germany) is also a locally owned, family operated company who imports and distributes some interesting, lesser-known wines & spirits for us to try in Arizona.

This was my first time trying Traminac, and I couldn’t find a lot of information. Thanks to my Cracking Croatian Wine book, I was able to find the proper pronunciation of this grape! I’ve revisited this wine book many times, & it’s a great reference guide.

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