Dracaena Cabernet Franc

Cab Franc Love!

I found this delightful bottle, made by Lori & Michael at Dracaena Wines, via Twitter. I was, and still am at times, a reluctant social media participant. I decided to open a Twitter account when I began this red wine blog, primarily for fun, to connect and learn from other wine lovers and discover new wines/wineries. I’m happy I did, because this 2013 Cabernet Franc (85% Cabernet Franc + 15% Petite Sirah) was so good. Lovely, lovely, lovely…Dracaena-Cab-Franc-2013-2

Instant new favorite Cab Franc:

Cabernet Franc (“cab-err-nay fronk”) is known for being a medium-bodied red wine and popular blending grape found in Bordeaux blends. This particular bottle felt medium to full-bodied, with a silky texture and smooth tannins. No bitterness or kick of alcohol, just a rustic, smooth unique red. From the first sip, I was a fan. Earthy, black cherry hit me immediately (my husband, after a few sips, jokingly said they “must’ve added cherry flavor #45”). Of course, that was his way of giving it a nice compliment, as he was pleasantly surprised by this wine shipment that showed up at the door a couple of days ago.

In loving memory of Draco…

Their website opens with Lori & Mike’s story, including how they came up with their unique name, Dracaena (druh-see-huh) and how they honored the memory of their beloved weimaraner, Draco (heartstring tugger). I’ve always enjoyed reading about wine and personal wine stories. As a fellow animal lover, it made me even happier to support & purchase their wine. (Bonus: I love this bottle!)
Sláinte! (a toast, to your health in Ireland & Scotland)
Na zdrowie! (same as above, but in Polish)

Corks make great cat toys!

Some other notes…

Per their website, they recommend decanting for at least one hour prior to enjoying. I did not do this. I was impatient and greedy. We paired it with pasta/red sauce/fresh garlic & onion while watching the new episode of Game of Thrones (I could’ve burned down the house, like a Mother of Dragon Breath, but I don’t care, I love garlic). This wine could be paired with anything though: fish, steak, pizza, cheese, by itself…  Yes, of course, we finished the bottle & it kept evolving, getting smoother & even more amazing.
Cabernet Franc is also known as Chinon, Bourgueil, Bouchet, and Breton. It’s found in many regions, but the majority is grown in France, where it’s commonly used in Bordeaux blends. I say Paso Robles is making some excellent Cab Franc!


December 4th is #CabFrancDay!
This ’13 was their first, inaugural vintage, and it won awards!  Check out their accolades


Tigara (aka: Tiggy, aka: “The Weasel”) was only slightly fascinated by the cork.  It smelled nothing like a treat…

Tigara (aka: “The Weasel”) was only slightly fascinated by the cork.  It smelled nothing like a treat…

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Thank you so much Misty for this wonderful post. I am so happy that you enjoyed it ( and Tigara had some playtime with the cork). We love hearing people’s opinions and have feel blessed by the public reaction to our inaugural vintage. Nothing gives us more pride than hearing that someone really enjoyed the fruits of our labor!



I’m so happy I found your Cab Franc before it was sold out! Can’t wait to try the ’14!!! Cheers!


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