The state or situation of being alone.
Pablo Picasso was obviously a genius. Solitude is not only necessary at times, it’s essential for writing (and all things sanity related). Just as I downloaded the quote above, I’ve been interrupted three times which took my attention away from this masterpiece of a blog post I’m composing. My concentration and productivity was hampered. I replaced the words, thoughts, and sentences in regards to (my lack of) solitude with having to answer unsolicited questions. My replies were as follows: “No, I don’t know where your charger is” and “I haven’t even thought about it yet (in regards to what’s for dinner tonight. I’d like to digest my late lunch before plotting the next meal!? And, “Yeah, it is a little warm in here (air conditioner is being turned down) Thanks…”  Solitude + Wine = Peace +Sanity
solitude4 I agree with writer and poet, Charles Bukowski, it is a beautiful thing. You know what else is beautiful? Wine. Since solitude is not an option for me at the moment, I’m having a glass of red. If everyone had the luxury of unwinding with a glass of wine (or any relaxing beverage of choice) in their own space, quiet, to process their thoughts, to just breathe… it doesn’t even have to be guided meditation, a specific amount of time, or labeled anything, just a precious moment of solitude. The world would be much happier, safer and kinder, wouldn’t it?

Solitude at its best.

This picture was taken from my old iPhone camera at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, on a quiet, gorgeous morning. That seagull looked so peaceful, like he was just on a solitary morning flight, to clear his thoughts, get some fresh air, put things into perspective. He’s probably sorting out the anxiety he’s been having about the world’s problems, letting go of things he can’t control, just breathing (or searching for food). I read on Wikipedia, that Gulls nest in large, densely packed, noisy colonies. No wonder he needed some solitude that morning! Or, perhaps the poor guy suffers from Isolophilia?

In my search for all things solitude, I came across Solitude Wines. Owned by the Dreyer family, they were established in 1986, in the Carneros region of California. I hadn’t heard of Solitude wines prior to today, otherwise I would’ve purchased and opened a bottle for the occasion of this blog post/challenge. I sent an email through their website in hopes to have answers to important questions by the time I posted this, but no reply as of yet. Most importantly, do they only produce Chardonnay? No reds? Gasp!
**After I posted this and met the deadline for the #MWW26, Jonathan Dreyer kindly replied to my email. As far as the reason for the name Solitude, he says “it was inspired by and based on a single vine growing on its own on a vineyard property located in the Central Coast of California many years ago.” They currently do not produce red wine, although they did have a Pinot Noir “several years ago.”
Why the post about Solitude? It’s the #MWWC – Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, & the winner last month was the Traveling Wine Chick, who got to choose this month’s theme. This was the 26th – #MWWC26 – and only my 1st participation – #ILoveIt! Check out The Drunken Cyclist‘s website for more information and previous winners. Thanks to them, we all have extra motivation & entertaining reasons to write! Cheers and I hope everyone has a lovely, safe, happy week ahead of you. I plan on finding some alone time with a good book and wine.
 *I apologize for any run-on sentences or cringe-worthy grammar/punctuation that may have occurred during in this post.


I write about wine as well as the unique stories behind each label. I'm a R.D.H. with an applied science degree in dental hygiene, and have been geeking out about wine for over 20 years. Before obtaining a Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certification, I learned about wine just by trying different styles and regions. I've also worked with a local distributor in wine sales. Wine brings people together and makes the world a smaller, friendlier place... Cheers!


Lauren Walsh

Love the image of the solitary vine – perfect for this story!



Thank you! I love the image of the solitary vine too! Your post made me want to fall in love with Viognier! And thank goodness for an hour of beauty & wine after horrible days… Cheers! ~Misty



Hi Misty – I enjoyed your post and the story on the Solitude wine! This is also my first participation in the #MWWC, so it’s nice to “meet” you. I also hear you on the “No, I haven’t thought about dinner” thing. Sometimes I miss the nights where I didn’t have to think about dinner … and could just keep writing with a glass and a plate of cheese nearby. Cheers ~ Val



Val! So nice to “meet” you too! 🙂 Thank you! I was a reluctant social media (Twitter) participant, but I’ve really started enjoying meeting other wine lovers, established & novice writers (like me;), & learning so much from everyone. Cheers to more relaxing evenings with a glass of wine, cheese & uninterrupted writing. ~Misty:)



I chose this topic because it hit home for me personally. I had no idea how it would hit home for many, but it different ways. I have been amazed so far at the quality of the writing that the word solitude has evoked. It has been emotionally moving for me to read everyone’s take on the topic. I live on my own, well with my cat, Einstein, in the Napa Valley, away from family almost 3000 miles away on the East Coast. I have many meals alone and I usually taste wines for review alone as well. I attend wine industry events and have a small group of friends here with whom I go out occasionally, but most days after work, I drive home after work and spend evenings in solitude. Last night we had a wine dinner party at Ehlers Estate, where I work, and I can guarantee you that wine, and free time, is better shared with others. All that being said, Einstein thinks me coming home to him is the best. 🙂



Beth! I love it:) I got married in my late 30’s but prior to taking that plunge, I spent most nights alone, after work, with my cat, Gypsy (I know for a fact she misses our solitude… I do miss it at times as well;). I’d love to visit Ehler’s Estate again sometime in the near future. Cheers & thank you for the solitude topic. Have a happy week. ~Misty


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